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Technology Description

Since put into use in 1992, the company has manufactured 520,000 tons of angle steel for 35 kV-500 kV transmission lines, 12,000 tons for communication towers, 25,000 tons for steel tube towers and poles, and 20,000 tons for substation frameworks and galvanized steel structures. The products are sold throughout the eastern, southern, southwest and northwest areas in China, and are exported to Iran, Japan, Iraq and other countries, with a total export of 28,000 tons.

In 1996, the company undertook the 500 kV Power Line Tower for the Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station. The project earned the company the Best Quality and Service Supplier among the four construction contractors, which is awarded by the East China Power Administration Bureau. In the same year, the company produced the 400 kV SHADMEHRGHAEN transmission and distribution tower for Iran-based KREC, which was tested by KREC and MOCHANIR representatives at the plant and found with a pass rate of 100%. Moreover, the company undertook the transmission tower project for the 4,500 Ton Yang Huai Line, one of the National Ninth Five-Year Key Projects, for Jiangsu Provincial Power Corporation. Considering that a single SKTA tower base for the project is 184 tons in weight, 99 meters in height, and 22 meters in the distance of pillar centers, the company used a vertical structure at the lower section of the tower, which ensured the tower performance. Such a design received appreciation from supervisors and experts who were involved in the acceptance inspection, and laid a solid foundation for our winning bids of projects in the same fields.

The company employs a leading galvanizing technology in China, which is borrowed from a German company under the guidance of Mr. Thomas H Cook, a galvanization expert of the German ASTM. By using this technology, all the galvanized products have outstanding galvanizing quality and enjoy recognition from domestic and foreign experts. Also, the company manufactured the communication satellite receiving framework for NEC by adopting this galvanizing technology, which was used in the communication systems of the Nagano Winter Olympics and the Okinawa U.S. Military Base.

Furthermore, the company produced eleven transmission lines for the 500 kV Three Gorges Project, one of the National Prominent Inter-Century Projects, which received the recognition and praise from the heads and experts of the State Power Corporation. On February 22, 2000 when the heads of the State Grid Corporation visited the construction site of "Qiansui Line", they spoke highly of the galvanizing and manufacturing quality of the company's products. In the "Longzheng Line" Project undertook by nine domestic transmission tower suppliers in 2001, the company supplied 7,079 tons of steels in total and was rated as the Outstanding Supplier due to its superior quality and service. In addition, the company was rated as the Best Supplier in Quality and Service in the Three Gorges "Sanguang Line" project. These achievements demonstrate that the company's products are reliable, stable and trustworthy.

In this spirit "Strictness, Diligence, Sincerity, Honesty", the company has supplied a great amount of steel products for transition towers and structures used in power plants and structure transformation projects in Guangdong, Jingzhou, Yixing, Zhangjiagang, Taixing, Changzhou, Suzhou, and Zhoushan. The company's transmission towers and structures have received recognition from a great number of customers due to the timely delivery, reliable quality, good installation services and provision of complete technical data.