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2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Work Goal Meeting Convened Successfully

Date:2019年1月9日 15:09

2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Work Goal Meeting Convened Successfully 

Date: January 9, 2019 11:13

On the morning of 2nd January, Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. convened a 2018 annual summary and 2019 annual work goal meeting in the reporting hall of the head office. The meeting was chaired by Fan Liyi, deputy secretary of the company's party committee. A total of 93 people attended the meeting, including the head office assistant and the above management cadres, subsidiary management cadres, and branch workshop assistants and above management cadres and employee representatives. Fan Jiangang, the chairman of the company, attended the meeting and made an important speech.

At this meeting, the general manager of the company, Chen Weijing, made a 2018 general manager's work report, summed up the key work in 2018, and deployed the 2019 goal and main work.

The"Report" announces the completion of major indicators for 2018. In 2018, the company established a clear target responsibility system in accordance with the specific implementation rules of the “five-one” project. At the same time, strengthen daily supervision, inspection, guidance and assessment, and achieve closed-loop management of the whole process. Through the implementation of one year, the key indicators of the “Five Ones” project have been basically realized.

The"Report" summarizes the key work content of 2018. First, we completed the general election, the new leadership team showed " full experience, high education, young age" and other characteristics.Second, We had a good grasp of internal management and external image, and the marketing work shows a good trend of “Steady Progress, Progress In Quality Upgrading”.Third, we gived full play to the leading role of Party Building,and solidly promoted the tangible construction of party building. Party building work presented new highlights in three aspects: position construction, party building work methods, and party member education.Fourth, we constantly consolidated the management foundation, showing more clear management responsibilities, more realistic performance appraisal, more integrated business collaboration, more stable workforce, more effective personnel training, and more effective security results. Fifth, the development of the Fengfan Green Building had continued to accelerate, and the overall trend of “brand value and economic efficiency” had been raised.

The"Report" pointed out the shortcomings in 2018. First, the planning of the work was not strong, and there was a lack of ideas and methods for the development of the work. Second, there was a lack of responsibility for the work, showing that they do not want to manage, refuse to manage, and dare not manage. Especially when encountering difficulties and problems, personnel in charge delayed and then delayed the timing of handling the problems.Third,there was a lack of team spirit in the work. When there was a need to coordinate work between departments, and when responsibility was required, the responsibility was first shirked. Fourth, there was a lack of systematization and persistence in performance appraisal.

The "Report" put forward the work guiding ideology of 2019 and deployed the main work in the new year. In 2019, the management cadres at all levels of the company must strengthen the "eight major skills" in ideology; Paying close attention to implementation at work, and doing a good job of "seven perseverance", and "grasbing opportunities and promoting development; grasping management and ensuring growth;grasping projects and increasing profits;grasping innovation and adding momentum”, then we ensure that the goal of the new year will be achieved.

First, all levels of management cadres must comprehensively enhance learning, political leadership, reform and innovation, scientific development, governance according to law, employee work, implementation, and risk management, providing endogenous power for the company's healthy and sustainable development; Second, we must work hard to implement the "seven perseverances" and constantly open up new realms for the development of the company. We must persistently strengthen the construction of "marketing team and marketing ability" and strive for first-class marketing performance; We must always unremittingly promote the integration of "party building and corporate culture" and build a line of economic development security; We must always persist in establishing a performance management system and comprehensively mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and employees; We must always work tirelessly to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost reduction, and serve the company's production; We must consistently carry out the "Strength of Talents" project and build a high-quality talent team for the company; We must always unremittingly explore the road of “transformation and upgrading” and provide new growth points for the future of the company; We must consistently support the development of “wholly-owned subsidiaries” and strive to make our subsidiaries bigger and stronger.

The “Report” requires all management cadres should not be illusory, nor can they pursue illusory things,also they should do a good job step by step, then lead all employees to think together, work together to make our company better and stronger. Only in this way can we lead the giant wheel carrying the Fengfan's great dream to break the waves and sail successfully to the glorious shore. In the new year, we should work together to "go with the wind and rain, sail the world"!

At this meeting, Yang Xiaoguang, Minister of Business, Zhou Hangfei, Minister of Anhuan, Gu Jiayu, Director of the Third Branch Plant, Shao Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of the Group Welding Workshop of the Second Branch Plant, Li Tao, Assistant Director of the Galvanizing Workshop of the Third Branch Plant, and Zhang Huming, representative of the Fengfan Green Building Sales Team, made speeches.

Finally, the chairman, Fan Jiangang, delivered an important speech, he pointed out that in 2018, with the concerted efforts of all employees, we achieved the impossible achievements, and completed the impossible task. “The General Manager's Work Report” summarizes the work in 2018 in detail, and deploys the work in 2019, sounds the horn of our struggle in the new year, and gives the battle order of our company's work in the new year. Departments, branches and subsidiaries should carefully study the Report, understand the Report, refine the Report and implement the Report so as to form a feasible and credible action and work plan for each department, branch and subsidiary in the new year. At the same time, the chairman also put forward requirements to implement three-level performance appraisal in the new year. Performance appraisal should be carried out in workshops and teams, key jobs and posts performance appraisal should be assessed to individuals, and combine performance appraisal to form an incentive mechanism for the new year, and call on all employees of the company to have a new attitude, new confidence, new actions and new programs in the new year, work together and unite to achieve more brilliant results in 2019!

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