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Pakistan Ashkot Project Promotion Conference

Date:2018年5月7日 10:05

PakistanAshkot Project Promotion Conference

Date: May 7, 2018 12:54

On May 2-4, China-Pakistan Energy Investment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. held talks with Laraib Group (LG) Group of Pakistan on advancing the Ashkot project in Pakistan in our company. Wu Jianwen, Deputy Engineer of Energy Investment Group, chairman of Energy Investment Electricity Company and director of China-Pakistan Energy Company,Xie Jia, Chairman of Energy Investment Western Sunshine and Director of China-Pakistan Energy Company, Fan Jiangang, Chairman of Fengfan, Mr. Khalid Ashkot, CEO of LG Group, Mr. Ahmad Muazzam, Director of LG Group and Mr. Shahid Khan, former Finance Minister of Pakistan and first president of PPIB had took part in the conference.

Wu Jianwen presided over this conference. Fan Jiangang delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of China and wished the conference a complete success. Wu Jianwen reviewed the achievements of China and Pakistan in promoting the project in the past two years, affirmed the close cooperation between the two sides, and put forward the requirements for further work. Khalid elaborated on the change of government and the general election, the revision of power policy and the progress of Ashkot project. At the meeting, Ahmad Muazzam presented the Ashkot project pre-work list and completion time. Shahid Khan briefed Chinese investors on current traceable hydropower projects, transmission lines and cement plant projects, and put forward suggestions for further work. Wu Jianwen and Khalid expressed their good wishes for sincere cooperation, win-win and sharing. During the negotiations, in order to form a joint effort to promote the Ashkot project process, the two sides held talks around the issues related to equity delivery, and finally reached an agreement and signed the Agreement II of Equity Acquisition Agreement.

The conference has played a positive role in promoting the Ashkot project process, laid a good foundation for accelerating the project, and collected project information for further expanding the Pakistani market.

Yang Hongxing, General Manager of Energy Investment Electricity Company, Fan Liyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Jun, Deputy General Manager of Fengfan, Wu Zefeng, Chairman of China-Pakistan Energy Company, Yu Chunrong, Yu Chunrong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China-Pakistan Energy Company, Wang Zhan, Supervisor of China-Pakistan Energy Company ,Chen Liangdong and other relevant personnel also attended the conference.

China-Pakistan Energy Investment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. s a company jointly invested by Sichuan Energy Investment, Fengfan and Western Sunshine.

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