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Company’s Achievement of Science & Technology Identified by Experts,and Be Approved International Advanced

Date:2015年10月22日 13:34
    The subject of “Technology and application of new pattern chromate-free passivation during steel structure hot dip galvanizing”that researched and developed by CSTC.This subject has been identified by China institute of corrosion and protection on October 17,2015.
    The company developed a new pattern of organic - inorganic compound passivant and treatment process.After passivation treatment,the hot-dip galvanizing items’surface can not only meet the corrosion resistance standards, but also have good hydrophobicity and self-cleaning function.The technology is innovative and unique products at home and abroad of its field. The chromate-free passivation treatment process does not substantially change the original steel structure galvanizing process, can be easily carried out, and can replace pollution pernicious chromate passivation technology. On the base of meeting requirement of passivation products,the new pattern of passivation treatment also can ensure realization of environmental protection, emission reduction and high reliability. The core technology has a series of national invention patents, with independent intellectual property rights, and also has vast potential for future market prospects.
    China institute of corrosion and protection has listened relevant report,reviewed relevant technical documents and observed on site. The innovation subject that researched and developed by Fengfan Power Equipment Company with realization of environmental protection, emission reduction, high reliability and international advanced level.The experts,agreed the innovation subject pass the achievement of science & technology identification.   

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