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Celebrating the First Time in China a Helicopter UHV Hoisting of Tower was Successfully Completed

Date:2015年6月9日 13:23

The first time in China Ximeng-Shandong 1000kv UHV Ac power transmission and transformation project of a helicopter UHV hoisting of tower was hoisted in Zunhua City, Hebei Province, this time the helicopter lifted tower operation lasted 7 days, respectively on the 3 base double circuits steel tube tower for lifting ,a total weight was about 372 tons, a total lifting was 55 times. In it, our company was in charge of 3S061 stake mark was SZ27103F-66, 1 base tower, a total weight was about 127 tons. To successfully completed production task, our company paid high attention to it, before the processing we had made a detailed planning, in the production we were in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the China State Grid Corp, and finally achieved good results.

On May 27,With smooth separation of S-64F helicopter and the ground frame hoisting wire rope of NO.64 tower, Ximeng - Shandong 1000 kV UHV AC power transmission project helicopter Deepening Application of pilot projects tower lifting task was successfully completed.

The project was different from traditional UHV construction which used poles or hoists to proceed split tower erection, it mainly took the artificial ground the entire assembly ,after assembly was finished, each tower section and cross arm lifting and work in place were completed by the lifting of the helicopter segment and artificial mode of construction, Helicopter lifting towers had several construction work surfaces, to reduce tower segments deformation and ensure tower segments’ smooth docking, we need to install rails, pins, diagonal cable and other accessories in tower segments, and the installation required highly, before and after each tower section in place, we would carefully measured the foot distance and correct the size, the overall construction had many steps and technology was complex.

At present, helicopters’ participation in the power infrastructure has been very popular in foreign countries, the helicopter has become an important choice to solve environmental protection, construction safety, time pressure, and other outstanding problems, in China, it is seldom used in power field. Through research and implementation of the project, we has accumulated key technology and practical experience, trained and reserved a group of professionals, formed the core competitiveness of electricity operation, the ability of servicing UHV construction is more mature.

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