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Date:2014年12月8日 13:14

Based on Fengfan

In Year 2013, all the staff of Fengfan Shares adhering to the "strict, real, true, sincere," the enterprise's core philosophy of the company , to tackle tough, diligent and responsible, make concerted efforts, and strive hard, to complete the intended target of year rather well. It is expected that in year 2013, the company attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit will increase by 40% -50%compared to last year, this provides a solid foundation for the rapid economic development of wholly owned subsidiaries.


Global View

In the future ,the company will actively implement the international strategy, make full use of domestic and foreign, "two markets and two resources", expand the economic sphere, strengthen international cooperation. In Year 2013 except for the original market in Australia, Russia and New Zealand, the company havesuccessfully entered the Algerian market, and sign the tower supply contract with CAMEG . The total contract amount of $ 224 million (about 1.366 billion yuan)


Transformation and upgrade

The companies based in the main tower business, while in the future will gradually investment produce smart grid class suite of products as well as new materials, new technology as the representative of the composite tower products. The company will be technological innovation drive as the carrier, efforts to build a set of digital, information, intelligence in one of the modern enterprise management.


Asset management

The company will continue to use the capital in the future, strengthen foreign investment, efforts to cultivate new profit growth point.In Year 2013 the company invested 8 million yuan to Jiangsu Xiang-wing Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.and 750 million yuan to Menglan Galaxy Energy Corp. shares. The former mainly focus on R & D UAV product sales, and the latter is mainly engaged in oil and gas projects. The company’s investment entered the field of high-tech and energy sectors, it is the future development of the company to scale, achieve bigger and stronger, improve the overall anti-risk capability and core competitiveness of the company, The important measure to explore the main second industry.


Leaps and bounds

The company will continue to look for good projects, large projects in the future, and will establish the wholly owned subsidiary, the progressive realization of the strategic transformation of the company led by leaps and bounds.

In Year 2013, Changshu Fengfan Property Development Co.,Ltd. were established (see the second edition of the presentation),  Fengfan Green Building (Changshu ) Co., Ltd. were established  (see the third edition of the presentation). The former is focus on the real estate development, the latter is engaged in direct prescription pipe research and development, production and sales.The company will through the development of new pillar industries,  together with the primary industry will become a complementary industrial structure, sustainable development style, and enhance risk resilience capability, seek the steps to a  cross-sectoral and inter-regional international competitiveness large enterprise groups.


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