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Company party committee to commemorate "93 anniversary of the party founding" event

Date:2014年7月4日 13:12

    To celebrate the 93 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to continue in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development, carry out the Party's mass line educational practice, company party on June 28, 2014 organized all party members held a "93 to commemorate the founding anniversary of the" series of activities.

    Members of the General Assembly held a plenary in the morning, a total of 67 members and more than 20 grassroots backbone to participate. At the meeting, Deputy Party Secretary Fan Xing Syria First Party Development Corporation and the history of the event program, explain the purpose, then party secretary Fan Jiangang for all members, prepare party members and grassroots backbone talk entitled "celebrate a birthday party, style building built dream "lectures.

    First, through lectures review the party's glorious history, profound understanding of party members and cadres and workers of the Communist Party of China 93 years of glorious history and great achievements, and further enhance the expansion of the members of responsibility and mission. Second, a comprehensive review of the company party history, the history of development of the company and the company's future development strategy, so that all members of the company's current situation has been further understanding of the company's development and enhance the confidence of all members of the future development of the company. After the lectures, each branch companies were ready to expiration of a probationary member was positive vote.

    To enhance party cohesion, further promote mutual learning and exchange between members, after all members of the party committee organization of home style, the style and construction of green eco-style park base field study tour.

Party members through site visits to learn more intuitive understanding of the company's rapid development momentum and potential for development, enhance the company's cohesion, solidarity, expands the company's corporate culture. We have said, to take concrete actions to listen to the party's orders, obey the party's leadership, keeping in mind the spirit of the party, on their jobs done dedication, hard work, give full play to the exemplary role of party members for the development of the company do own contribution.

Secretary of CPC Fan Jiangang giving the lecture

Company party members listened attentively to lectures

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