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Fengfan has been regarding talent resource as the most important strategic resource of enterprise development, adhering to the scientific outlook on development and talents and the correct outlook on achievements, vigorously implementing the strategy of thriving enterprises by talents, continuously innovating the talents work mechanism, actively exploring new ways of talent team construction that comply with the requirements of enterprise development, and constantly strengthening the construction of operation and management talents team. Powerfully advancing the construction of professional and technical talents team, Fengfan has formed a new layout of two expert teams – one at the headquarters and one at subordinate enterprises. The company has made new achievements in the construction of operation skill talents team, which provides powerful organization guarantee and talent support for building an internationally competitive multinational enterprise group.


In building operation and management talent team, the company regards leadership construction as the key point, deepens the reform of choosing and employing personnel, intensifies the efforts in evaluation adjustment, optimizes leadership structure, and formulates and implements the Opinions of Group Company on Strengthening Management Capacity Building of Leadership at All Levels. As a result, leaders have gradually strengthened their "3 awareness" and "5 types of leadership management skills"; the leadership's age, professional and knowledge structure has improved markedly, and the leadership's cohesion and fighting capacity has further strengthened.


In building professional and technical personnel teams, the company regards the construction of technical expert teams at two levels as the key point, and concentrates efforts on cultivating leaders in the technical field. In accordance with the group company's industrial positioning and development strategy, Fengfan has firstly selected and recruited 176 senior technical experts for the group company and 827 technical experts for subordinate enterprises based on post management. These experts' role in science and technology leading, technology examination, decision-making consultation and academic leadership has further revealed. By undertaking major scientific research projects, school-enterprise cooperation projects and postdoctoral workstation cooperative research projects, experts have gradually improved their innovation ability.


In building operation skill talents team, the company regards the construction of technician, senior technician and skilled expert team as the key point, and has cultivated a large number of highly skilled talents by implementing various measures, including practice, skill training, appraisal and match organization. Fengfan has established a skilled expert evaluation system and selected highly skilled experts at both group company level and enterprise level.


To meet the requirement of multinational business, the company has attracted and gathered a large group of excellent personnel through internal employment, external recruitment, practice and cultivation, and giving play to the group company's overall talent advantage. Its internationalized talent team keeps growing and expanding.


Fengfan advocates "Individuals Develop along with The Enterprise", believes that staff quality guarantees the improvement of enterprise quality, provides fair opportunities and conditions for each employee, offers just evaluation for employees' performance, recognizes and respects staff's individual interests, shares the benefits of enterprise development with staff, improves staff's working and living environment, and continuously improves employees' work and life quality.


Fengfan further improves the incentive mechanism, conducts extensive activities of selecting meritorious employees, labor models, advanced workers, young talents with excellent innovation and effectiveness results, academic and technological leaders, etc; strives to cultivate a cultural environment that stimulates talents development, fosters and advocates the enterprise spirit of "Patriotic, Enterprising, Realistic, Dedicative", and the core enterprise business philosophy of "Integrity, Innovation, Performance, Harmony, Safety".


In order to meet the company's requirements of continuously becoming international, Fengfan has strengthened internationalized personnel cultivation and paid attention to staff localization and internationalization.