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President’s Speech

With the advent of spring, all things take on a new look, and we come to a new year in which our prospect is full of hopefulness which leaving the last prolific year behind. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere appreciations to all the staff who works aggressively and hard. The past year 2009 was a year of struggling and achievements, in which we withstood various hardships and managed to raise the sales volume to a new level, and to make a breakthrough in expanding into the international market. These achievements are closely associated with the efforts of all the staff. Now, the company is striving to building a working environment that allows each of the staff to develop yourselves, exert your capabilities, and encourage the staff to actively borrow the expertise of other peoples, in an effort to enable the staff to increase the strength and to be qualified for the jobs through high comprehensive capability, strong sense of responsibility, and good expertise.

  Looking into 2010, the issues of how to accomplish the expected output and how to develop the company to a new level after the expansion are to be handled. These tasks are partly dependent on our hard work and the spirit of unity and struggling. As far as the whole steel tower market is concerned, the competition in four aspects, including quality, price, brand and materials sourcing is to be the determinants of survival and sustainability of the company in the steel tower market.

  As the president, I will organize the staff to work hard together in the spirit of passion and unity through setting a role model by myself, striving to create an air of unity and integrity.

I believe that if only we work hard together in a teamwork spirit, and create a working environment that offers working passion, mutual assistance, and senses of harmony and unity, we are bound to create a more brilliant tomorrow.