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Corporate Culture

The company's 2010 Spring Festival Party was held on 9 February, 2010 at Yushan Jin Jiang Hotel in Changshu, where the company's heads and staff gathered together to make a review of the past and to look into the future ardently. The party increased the mutual understanding between the heads and the staff, promoted the emotional exchange, and enhanced the corporate cohesion. It also demonstrated the corporate spirit of unity, progressiveness and pioneering. At the party, all the staff was expecting to build a new, prosperous 2010. Moreover, a number of entertainment shows were presented at the party by the guests and the staff!

is to be strict with ourselves and the staff, and to require ourselves to conform strictly to the rules and regulations of the company, to obey strictly the laws, and to build a corporate culture that promotes integrity.

is to be practical and realistic, to work hard, and to avoid boasting and exaggeration. The fundamental forces that drive the company and the staff to achieve values include concentration, unity, innovation and practicalism.

is to distinguish and seek truthfulness and sincerity. The company centers on the concept of "Sincerity" in pursuing excellence, advocating the spirit of openness and equality, and paying respects to and encouraging the initiatives and innovation.

is to do business and to treat people in good faith. The company is devoted to developing new products that have high technological content, offering superior and sincere services to customers, and giving return to the community while benefiting from it.