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Company Profile


Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co., Ltd., originally known as Changshu Steel Tower Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of State Power Corporation. The company is mainly involved in manufacturing and supplying galvanized steel towers for high-pressure or ultra high-pressure power transmission lines, steel tube towers, steel tube poles, transformer substation frameworks, and other steel-supporting structures. The products are sold across more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and are also exported to many foreign countries and regions including Japan, Australia, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, and Myanmar.

Since its establishment, the company focused on the production of angle steel towers. From 2000, the company started to undertake the construction of steel tower production lines in response to the market demands, and set up the second workshop. In that year, the company introduced a range of equipments and instruments, like CNC flame cutting machines, edge milling machines, CNC intersection cutting machines, CNC plate bending machines, automatic submerged arc welders, ultrasonic flaw detectors, X-ray detector, and universal plate bending rolls. Meanwhile, the company developed a fitting-up platform.

From 2002, the company experienced fast development, and further introduced an array of new facilities that allow for the production of high-quality products. These facilities include CNC combined profile steel production lines, CNC angle steel drilling lines, CNC punching and drilling machines, hydraulic plate shearers, CNC plasma plane cutters, and CNC double-table gantry mobile drillers. These machines enable the automatic drilling of the angle steel with a diameter of more than 160 mm, improved productivity, improved opening glossiness, and avoidance of slant and countersinking openings, thus ensuring the machining accuracy and the processing speed.

The company covers a total area of 380,000 square meters, owns four water transport wharfs in the plant, and is provided with the world's leading automatic steel tower production lines, hot dip galvanizing lines, metal cutting equipment and precision instruments. These facilities allow the company to rank among the top manufacturers and suppliers of steel members, and to enjoy the largest production scale, advanced technology and equipment, top-notch testing methods, and high comprehensive strength.

Scientific and technological exchanges

Now, the company's galvanizing technologies have been employing in carrying out the company's prominent projects like the Beijing Capital International Airport Expansion Project and Chang'an Street Lamp Poles Transformation Project. Moreover, the company has established a good partnership with power transmission divisions and R&D departments of a group of the world's known giants, like American ABB Group, Switzerland POWERINVEST, French GTMH, Japanese NEC and Fujitsu. These cooperation projects have helped the company in establishing and expanding its presence in the international market.

The company has developed an advanced computer program to design the steel tower samples. The program, which enjoys independent intellectual property rights, undertakes a range of tasks: analyzing the three-dimensional structure, data processing, drawing of steel pole and plate samples, computerizing the manufacturing processes, networking the sample data with the CNC production line terminals, and performing statistics of production data and product quantities. Furthermore, the company has formulated a set of advanced database system through borrowing and improving, which is used to calculate and verify the structure size of steel powers, and to manage raw materials. The system is regularly updated to ensure the company to keep a leading position in the domestic relevant industries in sampling and calculating the structure size of steel powers.

In addition, the company set up a technology association and an R&D center in 2009 to conduct the development of the insulated cross arm by using composite materials. The developed cross arm filled the domestic technology gap, and was put into use in the power system in Lianyungang in December 2009.

Business Management

The company is devoted to promoting development and increasing output, while emphasizing internal management. All the functional departments and production divisions are responsible for distinct tasks including production scheduling, and these departments constitute an organic whole to ensure the normal production. The company attaches great importance to the management of raw materials. For example, incoming steel products are all subject to visual inspections and physical and chemical tests according to national standards, and a procedure is used to sort out qualified suppliers to ensure both the quality of raw materials, and accessible supply channels of raw materials to ensure the accomplishment of the project within a certain period. In addition, the company underlines quality management in an effort to offer superior products and services to customers depending on its advanced technology and equipment, strong technical strength, perfect quality assurance system, and to reach the product pass rate of 100% and the contract fulfilling rate of 100%.

Prominent Projects

In 2000, the company defeated a dozen of the world's known competitors to win the Steel Tower Bids of Jiangyin Great Spanning Project, which involved loans from the World Bank. Meanwhile, the company manufactured a four-base anchor tower, and worked with Jiangnan Shipyard in producing a two-base spanning tower (which is 346.5 m high and known as the highest power transmission line tower in the world). In 2003, the company manufactured 1,207 tons of steel products for the Tibet Na'an Line, which is 4,800 meters in elevation – the world's highest one. In early 2004, the company manufactured steel tube towers for the Guangdong Yangxian River Spanning Line (with 162 meters in height, and 565 tons in weight for a single base). In March 2005, the company produced 1,512 tons of steel products for the 750 kV Guanlan Line Steel Tower – the model project of the China's first northwestern 750 kV Power Transmission and Distribution Line. In February 2005, the company manufactured 8,426 tons of steel products in total for the DC Transmission Caibai Line Project of State Grid Corporation. In this project, the products were highly appreciated by the customers and project constructors due to the company's quality products and excellent services. In December 2005, the company concluded a contract for supplying 9,937 tons of steel products in total to the China's first 500 kV Single Tower Four Circuit Lixi Line, which is 80 km long and designed by the East China Electric Power Design Institute. These achievements have proved that the company demonstrates strength and has advantages over domestic and international peers in manufacturing steel products, and therefore is a trustworthy supplier and partner. All of the products are highly appreciated by customers.

The company has been adhering to the sales and service concept of "Customer Centered", and is committed to offering excellent and timely services throughout the processes of production, transportation, construction and sales. The company also follows the corporate tenet of "Credit First, Customer Supreme". The heads of the company will visit customers at regular or irregular intervals to inquire into the use and operation of the products and to ask for the customer's comments, as part of its efforts to further improve the quality of its products and services. All the staff is working together aggressively to build the company into one of the China's leading suppliers and exporters of steel towers, and to contribute to the development of the world's power